Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring is here

Finally! I've spent all winter waiting for spring. Apparently the reason why spring isn't usually a favorite season is because interspersed between gorgeous warm sunny days are horrible non stop rainy days. But thankfully it will be clearing up and we'll get some sun today instead of April Showers.

Next week something special is happening. Hannah and I will be going to Disney on Ice with Kat and her girls. Hannah is ultra excited, and I think possibly even more so that it will only be her and I. Norah will be staying home with Steven since the show doesn't even start until her bedtime, so I can only imagine how fun THAT would be if she came. I'm planning on taking my camera, assuming I can carry it. Otherwise I'm sure Kat will bring hers and there will be some pictures.

Norah finally seems to be feeling better and is finally eating and drinking mostly normally. It only took a month. So I'm thinking her bottles will soon be a thing of the past, and formula definitely can be. I hate hate HATE putting milk in her bottles, but at least in my own twisted reality, she doesn't need the bottles and wouldn't miss them. And I think that's true. The only reason she still gets them is because she doesn't drink enough during the day (16-24 oz daily of whole cows milk for kids between 1 and 2). So maybe when it's summer and hot she'll be more willing to drink, otherwise it's bottles for now.

My friend Laurie and I are planning a trip. I'll of course be visiting her later this month, but we actually have a real road trip planned for the weekend before my Birthday. I'll be driving to her house, and then after spending the night we'll head down to Virginia to see our good friend Irene and to celebrate her twins impending birth. Hopefully impending anyways, I believe she's due in August, so I would imagine that it's totally legitimate that she could actually have them by mid July.

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