Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

We had a very quiet, peaceful New Year's weekend.  The girls were dropped off at Grampy and Mimi's on Friday after lunch, so I spent a few hours home before Steven got back.  I took down all the decorations, and packed everything up neatly.  All we had to do Saturday was take the tree down and put it away, and of course vacuum, because even plastic trees shed needles like you wouldn't believe. 

Saturday Steven did some work on Amanda's car, and then we took mine to the tire place to fix my nearly flat tire.  I had a screw in it, so it was leaking.  But we had a snack at Dunkin Donuts and then finished up our grocery shopping.  After that we did a little shopping with our Christmas money, and then had dinner out courtesy of a lovely gift card.  Our peaceful evening was interrupted around 11 when Steven got called into work.  So he left, and I went to sleep.  He slept in late on Sunday, then we cleaned and did some more shopping before the girls came home.

I had to work today, as did he, but the girls are still recovering from their long weekend.  Norah slept in until 8, and only woke up then because we had to leave so I could go to work.  Hannah is exceptionally cranky today, and I'm hoping that an early bedtime will remedy that.

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