Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Somehow there seems to be more sickness going around this winter than last.  Hannah's sick (still or again, not sure) with a horrible cough.  She's barking and miserable.  I don't blame her, coughing is no fun, and worse at night.  Fortunately for her it doesn't really wake her up much, she mostly coughs in in her sleep.  It only disturbs other people who can hear her.  I'm starting to be able to sleep through it.  She's old enough now that she'll come get me if she needs something.  Steven can't always though, and boy he complains like there's something I could do about it.  I mean, if she's had albuterol, cough syrup, and vapor rub on her chest, there isn't much more I could do.  She keeps a water bottle in bed with her, and drinks if she needs it.  I really think all the bases are covered.

In other news, school started for me this week.  I'm feeling ridiculously dumb because the algebra isn't making any sense.  I swear I studied for 2 hours tonight and finally was confident enough to attempt the homework assigned.  And by tomorrow I'm sure I will have forgotten completely.  Sad but true I'm thinking.

Norah is her hilarious little self.  She's started talking funny, and I'm not sure why.  No one says "Cay UHT" instead of "Cat" here, well except her.  But she's goofy and fun, and I'm glad.  Even when I want to send her to the moon.

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