Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

Ok not quite, but the girls had a good time.  Saturday was the birthday party, so the girls helped clean the house, and then headed off to do errands with Daddy while I worked on some homework.  Then, around 4pm a host of little girls showed up, and they giggled and played for about an hour and a half until the pizza showed up.  They ate pizza, cake, ice cream, and watched Hannah open her gifts.  She was genuinely pleased with everything she got, and is even getting excited to make out her thank you cards.  Then, the best surprise, she found out she was getting to have her friends sleep over.  Unfortunately Mimi decided she would rather sleep at home, so we had four giggly girls here overnight.  They finally settled down after minor threats, and slept great until 6:30 Sunday morning.  An early start isn't my favorite, but they all played reasonably well until Kat came to get her monkeys. 

Sunday was exciting for the girls because Grampy and Mimi were coming to visit, and they know they can always get walked up to the park to play when they come.  Not that I don't take them to the park, but I usually go to a nicer one that we have to drive to.  They spent most of the weekend outside in our gorgeous, non-spring like weather, and are still enjoying it even now.  Norah is outside playing while Amanda and I finish homework.  Well, I'm finished, for now. 

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