Sunday, March 4, 2012


Norah had a fabulous birthday weekend.  Saturday after a couple quick errands we headed down to the CT Science Center for some fun.  We spent quite the day there, exploring and playing.  Both girls loved it the first time, and even again so soon, they loved it again.  They're excited to go back for the dinosaur exhibit that opens next month.  After that we headed home for a break, and then out to dinner at Red Robin.  Norah and Hannah were sung to after dinner and got ice cream sundaes along with dinner.  Then it was home to dance along with the wii.  This morning they woke up early and we did some errands, but the best part for Norah was that Daddy made chicken wings with our pizza for dinner.  Norah loves chicken wings, and she had second helpings of them tonight.  So far she's enjoying being four.

Hannah is looking forward to her birthday next Monday, and her birthday party on the 17th.  She's inviting some of her friends from school, that will be a first.  Up until now it's always been family friends who also had kids of a similar age.  So we'll see how that goes.

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