Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today it's supposed to hit 97 here, which is pretty hot for only the first day of summer!  I think technically summer doesn't even start until 7 something tonight.... But I'll take it, I prefer hot to cold anyways.

Hannah's last day of school is Friday, though she lucked out and they called tomorrow a half day as well as Friday, since it's supposed to be around 100 tomorrow.  I'm not sure if she even knows that yet, I got the phone call on my way home from work around lunchtime.  We've had some busy days lately, and I think they're paying the price.  Norah is napping at the moment directly behind me on the couch.  If you complain to me that you're tired, and I say go lay down... and you fall asleep, then I must have been right.  Hopefully she's not getting sick, I'm just getting over a terrible cold.

The girls had taekwondo last night.  Hannah's ready to be tested again.  Seems really fast, but she truly does know what they want her to know to get her orange belt, so I guess we'll see when they want to test her.  I'd like to hold off a bit longer, since I like having them in the same class for the moment.  Norah absolutely adores it, and practices all the time.

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