Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So far, June has been less than pleasant.  Yes I realize we're only a few days in, but the weather is awful.  After school Norah always asks Hannah if she wants to go play outside.  It's so ingrained in her, she doesn't even realize she's saying it.  She asked yesterday, and was disappointed to be reminded that it's raining again, and that playing inside is really the only option.  Rain means that Hannah's game on Saturday was cancelled, and practice was also.  She has another game on Saturday this week, and so far the weather is supposed to cooperate, though that can change.  I guess they aren't going to learn anything about playing the game though, I swear they've only had two practices all season, which doesn't do much for their self esteem when they lose.

Norah is asking to to taekwondo with Hannah, so tonight when I take Hannah for her regular class I told Norah she could take a trial class.  If she can do it and likes it, I'll figure out how to sign her up also.  I know they give families a deal when they sign up with more than one kid.  We shall see if she actually likes it.

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