Tuesday, November 25, 2008


When Hannah was small like Norah is now, she would try nearly anything. I could feed her baby food of some kind or another, and she had her pincer grasp down to a Tee. Norah is different all together. I always sit her down with us when we eat so she can share in the moment, if not the food. But I've recently discovered that she will eat, but only if I'm NOT feeding her. She had to be coordinated enough to do it herself. Now that she can pick things up and get them in her mouth, she is much happier to try things at mealtimes. Last night she had some noodles and a LOT of a biscuit. She is apparently a carb girl, which just means she really is my child. Today she's sharing Hannah's cheerio's and liking them. I know that at this age solid food is still more for practice than actual eating, but it thrills me to no end that she's got the hang of eating and swallowing without gagging
And now a couple new pictures of my girlies

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