Monday, November 17, 2008


No I haven't updated in the last two weeks. Yes I'm lame, yes we're busy.

Norah had her appointment with the specialist. The one because she hates solid food and gags on it constantly. Silly girl ate just fine for her and didn't gag on a single bite. So of course she's fine and dandy. Still not eating, but apparently there's nothing I can do.

Both girls are sick right now and Norah's teeth still haven't come in, so needless to say living in my house is NOT a joy in any way. Norah isn't happy unless she's being held, and Hannah is only happy when she's whining and driving my totally insane.

The good news is it's almost Thanksgiving, which is my very favorite holiday. I have a turkey in my freezer, and will be stocking up on everything else this weekend. Hannah has a new shirt to wear to Meme's on Sunday for her dinner, and the girls have shirts I made them for the actual holiday we'll be having here.

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My Little Cuties said...

Figures. It just figures that she'd eat fine for the specialist. I'm soooo excited for the holidays and listening to Christmas music right now!!!!!!