Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Busy Weekends

Hannah is desperate to go to the beach. I can't even spell it because then she asks "are we going to the E C H tomorrow". Unfortunately we also have loads of busy weekends, none of which are really great for driving 90 minutes to the ocean. I'm actually hoping that next weekend will be nice. Odd to go on Labor Day weekend, and probably a TERRIBLE idea, but hey I'll take what we can get.

In fact this last weekend we stayed home so that Meema's truck could be fixed. And this coming weekend we've agreed to help Mimi and Iza's family move into their new place. We did manage to go do some fun things though like go shopping and go to Meme's for dinner and Wii playing. Hannah had a blast, and seemingly so did Steven and Gary. I've never played a Wii, but the cow race was pretty darn hilarious.

Norah is just getting slicker every day. I'm in the process of revamping her diaper stash because I can no longer put any diapers on her with Velcro. She takes them off. And the problem with summer is that I regularly just put her in a shirt and a diaper... and clearly you can see where this is going. So I've been selling diapers she doesn't/can't use and am using the money to purchase diapers that she can/will use and leave on. Though I feel like she will potty train earlier than Hannah did. Norah already tells me when she pees/poops so I can change her. That's certainly a start, even if telling me after the fact isn't always emminently useful.

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