Monday, August 17, 2009

My sweet girl

Hannah and I were talking about how some of the medicine Mimi will be getting for her Leukemia will make her hair fall out. Mimi's twin, Iza, went and had her hair cut Friday and the plan was to find a hairdresser to come in to the hospital to cut Mimi's so it wouldn't be so shocking to her when it did fall out. So Hannah says to me

"Mommy I want to go get my hair cut too, I don't want Mimi to be sad that I still have long hair" So yesterday we did. And here is the result.

My girl finally learned empathy! Yay now I don't have to worry about serial killers in the family.


Setlikeflint said...

Oh, Jess, that is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful of Hannah. And the icing on that bitter-sweet cake, is that her hair cut looks adorable! I just wish Hannah and Mimi and Iza didn't have to learn such tough lessons so early.

My Little Cuties said...

Oops! I commented under my mother's account last time!

Jess said...

Ohhhhh! I was SO confused that your mom was interested in my blog!