Friday, August 7, 2009

Propensity to change her mind

Norah hates water. Pools, buckets, water tables... she wants NONE of it. Or so I thought. Apparently our city decides that they'll close the pools this week, you know because it's not finally nice and not raining *eyeroll*. So yesterday Kat, Kate, and I along with some other friends took all our girls (yes we ALL have girls) to the wading pool locally because today is the last day. Hannah and the girls all had a great time, and Norah sat in the water at the edge getting wet and giggling. She convinced Kate to take her out and let her walk around, and was so happy until she tripped and got her face a little wet. So I'd say next time I should wear shorts and/or a bathing suit.... except we won't be going again until next year.

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My Little Cuties said...

Girls. I can't keep up with Hayden she changes her mind so quickly and so often. I think I get how we drive men crazy, it's instinctual!