Sunday, September 13, 2009

Updating finally

Life is going pretty smoothly right now. Hannah started school last week, and Norah has slept fantastically in her big girl bed. She in fact didn't appear to bat an eyelash about it not being a crib any longer, and doesn't climb out at all :) I'll get some pictures of her sleeping in it very soon, since we certainly had plenty of Hannah sleeping in hers.

We had a very busy and fun Labor day weekend with lots of visitors here and some trips away also. Zach came up from Delaware, and Sara came down. They had a great weekend hanging out, and then said goodbye again at Grampy's on Monday afternoon.

Norah's become quite the little terror, demanding to swing and go high. She is also the kid who makes me look like "that" mom. You know the one helpless in the store with the kid throwing a tantrum kicking on the floor. SUPER.

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