Monday, September 28, 2009

The Big E

So this weekend after Steven finished fixing my van we headed over to The Big E. Hannah was very excited since she actually gets it this year. She started seeing the commercials on the news a few weeks ago and asked if we were going. Then she got excited that we were actually going and what were we going to see? She got some new funky penguin slippers and a potato from the Maine building for dinner.

I love the Big E. Love it. I always have, but somehow it was different this year. I didn't love it quite as much. Not sure why. I was lucky enough to have Norah cooperate for most of it and be slung/wrapped nearly the entire time. We got our potatoes and looked in some of the buildings. I don't have any pictures because Steven apparently doesn't want to use my camera ever. So I guess having pictures of things isn't important. Anyhow, they both had a good time and we managed to get home just in time for Norah to go to bed.

Steven wants to go back this weekend sans children but we'll see how that goes.

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