Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's a scary thing. Norah is 18 months old now, and her fearlessness shocks me regularly. She rarely wants to snuggle me anymore, though there are rare occasions where she'll demand "up mama, uuuuugggs" And of course I love me some hugs, so I oblige happily. I somewhat miss when she was teeny and snuggly, slung up easily and always happy in there. Now when I get out a baby carrier, she screams "NOOOOO" and would run away if she wasn't nearly always in the car when I want to use it.

Hannah asks me pretty often still if I'll wrap her, but the reality is that at well over half my height I physically can't do it anymore. I hope that when Norah is 4.5 she wants to be wrapped too. I think I had a lot of wishful thinking that I'd be wrapping until she was 3+. But I'll take what I have, and at the moment she'll still be worn occasionally.

Norah has been worn for her entire life, and here are some of the carriers that have been loved here. Nearly all have moved on now, with the exception of one wrap and one pouch. The black and white toile pouch will go into her memory box, as well as the rainbow Inka wrap, when it's done loving Jonathan in New Jersey.

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