Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Christmas is coming

And I am happy to say I've already gotten a good start on ideas AND sewing them for Christmas. Money is tight this year, so I'll be taking some of my stash fabric and sewing gifts from that. So far I've made two flannel pillowcases and a doll blanket for Norah. On the list still are aprons for both girls, more pillowcases for Hannah, doll diapers, reuseable lunch bags with snack sacks and sandwich wraps inside. Overnight bags I think, so when they spend the night away they have cute bags to put everything inside, and a couple things from the store.

I also found this great tutorial online for making fold up grocery bags, and got some CHEAP nylon netting, so I think I'll make the grocery bags and some washable produce bags with the netting for teacher gifts at Christmas.

There are some sisters of mine who read this who have gifts being sewn also, so I won't say anymore about them other than that one of them is finished and Hannah thinks it's fantastic.

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