Thursday, November 19, 2009


Norah is a chatterbox. She's happy repeating anything you say, and telling you what to do. Sometimes I'll pick her up and she'll point at the couch. "Mommy sit down, there" and sometimes I'm nice enough to oblige.

Last night we were indulging Hannah in letting her see some of the old videos we took of her when she was a baby. There was Hannah rolling over, Hannah eating cereal, Hannah trying to crawl, pulling up... etc. She's the first child, she has the joy of having had our undivided attention for nearly three years. Norah has pictures of things like cereal, pulling up... but just one video on the digital camera of her scooting around as she learned to crawl. She'll never have all the things Hannah had in that aspect, and I'm sure someday I'll have to answer for that. I don't suppose she'll appreciate being told what a difficult baby/toddler she was. I'm guessing difficult and stubborn are some of those "Personality traits" that people can come to treasure, but mostly because they just never go away.

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