Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving is Coming!

My favorite holiday ever! Nothing to me is better than an entire day centered around eating things that taste good and probably are terrible for you. I also love hosting said holiday, and any others that people want to come have at my house. It's so nice to have my fabulous family at my table chatting and eating. Helping to cook. Oh wait, I'm much too anal to ask for help when I'm cooking.

So because Thanksgiving is only days away, I'll be busy in the kitchen most of the week, cooking and baking away, so that when people are here on Thursday I can spend time with them, and only stir a few pots here and there. So far, the menu looks like this:

whipped potatoes
baked sweet potatoes
fresh green beans

and dessert, though I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah, stuffing. Both the kind from a box and the kind my Mother in Law makes.

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