Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's over

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It's my favorite holiday and somehow it never lasts long enough. We had fabulous food and lots of wonderful company basically all day. I did a lot of prep work the previous days so that on Thursday I actually had very little to do other than stir and check things. Donny was here for a bit, as were the rest of that part of the family, some of Steven's family, and of course my wonderful mother!

So now we're on to Christmas, with very few days left to go before it's time to open gifts and watch their adorable faces. Because their faces will be the only ones with gifts this year. They are most important, and of course when things are tight, they receive when others do not. Thankfully though, a good portion of what they'll be opening Christmas morning will be handmade gifts that I've sewn. Things they've asked for, or shown an interest in. I'm excited for it.

And Christmas cards will be going out soon, since I managed to get *the* picture while Steven was putting up Christmas lawn decor this morning!

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