Monday, March 8, 2010

Such a nice weekend

You know, now that Hannah is almost five, I've forgotten how much easier having JUST a two year old is. You don't think of Hannah being difficult, and reality is she really isn't. It's more just the constant motion and constant talking that wears you down. I get it, she really is inquisitive and interested in her surroundings and how things work. I try to answer her questions and try not to be too frustrated when she asks ridiculous ones that she knows the answer to. But Saturday afternoon Meme came to pick up Hannah for a sleepover and her house. Norah is too tense around them to go and stay the night, and Norah isn't a good enough sleeper for me to feel ok with having her go there unless it was an absolute necessity. So she stayed home with us. We went out and did errands, had dinner, and I even got my hair cut. All in relative peace. Not because Hannah is trouble, but just because she's Hannah. She's sweet and wonderful, and loud.

So yesterday we went over to pick her up, and stayed for dinner. There was lots of Wii playing, a questionable accident, and spaghetti, meatballs, and birthday cake. Poor Norah, she isn't at all used to the narrowness of Meme's new sofa, and managed to go tumbling off the front of it, but directly into their coffee table. She badly banged her forehead right above her right eye. It swelled and bruised immediately, but after some cuddles and rocking she settled right back into being her normal self. And as of right now, it looks shockingly good for what it COULD look like. I'm sure that by party time, she'll be right back to her regular gorgeous self!

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My Little Cuties said...

You know I've been trying to figure out how to stay just that. Hunter isn't a terrible handful but he's busy and chatty too and together he and Hayden fight. So when he's at preschool it's simpler. It's not him it's just that there are fewer people around to make noise!