Thursday, March 11, 2010

Five years ago today

I went up to the birthing center because I was sure my water had broken. I was "wet" when I felt I shouldn't be, and wasn't having any contractions. I called them up and they said to come on in, so I made all my crazy phone calls, and off we went. I was checked, and it was determined that I might have a leak of amniotic fluid, but that I wasn't in labor. They set me to walking the halls, in hopes it might jumpstart since I was already there. I walked for two hours alternating with my mom and Steven and got nowhere. So they checked me again and sent me home. The nurse releasing me said she'd be surprised if she didn't see me back there that weekend.

So we went down the street to Friendly's and had lunch. It was there I realized that I WAS in fact having contractions. Far apart though, so I basically ignored it. My mom headed home, and we did also. Being that it was Friday and Steven wasn't going back to work, just in case, we hit the grocery store, and contractions continued. He was actually worried that we shouldn't be shopping, but come on, we need food. After that we went home and eventually one lady that I used to work for called me to see how I was doing. I mentioned that I thought I might be in early labor, and she asked if I thought Steven would might going out to get her some stuff her weekly girl had forgotten. So we headed up there, and I confided that I was definitely in labor and my contractions were 10 minutes apart. I remember timing them in her kitchen by the clock on the wall. She insisted that I not tell her husband (who was in the hospital I would soon be at) that she'd had me come up when I was going to have a baby. So we went out and got grinders for dinner and headed home to watch a movie in bed. Space Cowboys. Not at all good, in my opinion. The steak and cheese grinder was though. Mmmm. I kept timing them and by 11pm they were only at 8 minutes apart. Why I didn't call my mom and tell her they were getting closer is beyond me, but apparently I thought I should sleep, and so I did.

At 2:30 I got up to use the bathroom, and headed back to bed when I felt this weird kick. But not like a kick because instead of in one spot it was all over. Then I realized I had to pee again, only I couldn't. So weird. And my contractions were still pretty uncomfortable, so I had Steven call the hospital. They said come on up, so we called Mom again, and got our stuff together and drove up the street. I remember how intense the contractions were at that point because as we were leaving, I had one and literally could not climb up into the truck's seat. I leaned over and swayed, desperately trying not to scream in the middle of the night outside. Steven was annoyed, but totally didn't get it.

When we got inside and to our room, they checked me and said I was 2cm. Nothing fabulous for having been in labor well over 12 hours already. So they said I could go ahead and labor for a while and they'd get me checked in. This is about 3am. By 6am I'm complaining of a desperate need to pee, and they send the intern over to check me before they'll let me get up. She whispers over me to the other nurse, and then the nurse checks me again. They're in awe that I've already progressed to 10cm and would be ready to push. Without any drugs that I had so desperately wanted. They went ahead and called the doctor and at some point I started pushing. I don't remember most of this part, because I was so out of it from the pain. I remember being told not to push at every contraction, and that I should breathe and keep drinking water. None of it mattered, I wanted this baby OUT. Finally I pushed the last time, and she came out, perfect in every way. Hannah Rose was born at 7:52am on Saturday March 12, 2005. Every day has been different in more ways I can imagine. I am in shock that my "baby" is no longer a baby, a toddler, or a preschooler. She will in fact be a Kindergartener. My sweet little Muffin, she made me a Mom, and I'm grateful every day for all that she is, and all that she pushes me to become.

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My Little Cuties said...

I don't think I ever heard Hannah's birth story before. Thank you for posting. Those first children are so special for transforming us from our former selves into Moms!