Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weird Kid

Both my kids have done this to me now. I remember Kat asking me, when Hannah was younger than Norah is now, does Hannah want to eat something. Anything. I usually said no, she's never eaten than when I give it to her. But somehow, when I make it, it's different. She always ate it when Kat made it.

Norah is no exception. Norah does NOT eat breakfast. Almost ever. Rare is the occasion that she'll eat well in the morning. Most mornings she picks at whatever she asked for, and then shares whatever I eat later after dropping Hannah at school. But Friday at Kat's, Magi was getting scrambled eggs, and didn't finish. Norah finished all of Magi's, and then had me cook her another of her own. And ate all but one bite. Weirdo. I don't get it. I think I'm a decent cook. Steven and Gary eat plenty, Hannah rarely complains... but Norah is a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to food. So I try not to worry, but deep down, I do. Because I'm her mom and that's what I do.

So yesterday when she asked for oatmeal, I made it. And shockingly, she ate it. And this morning when "what do you want for breakfast" was met with a resounding "Eggies!" She ate those too. So hopefully she'll keep it up, and eventually stop stealing at least half of MY food!

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