Friday, November 12, 2010

The weekend is almost here

I am eagerly anticipating this weekend, Saturday specifically.  Tomorrow sometime in the late morning, I'm driving with the girls up to my dad's house.  The girls will stay there, and I'm driving to a friends house to meet someone, and then we're traveling together into Boston.  Hannah and Norah are having a sleepover at Grampy's, and so am I, but not until later.  I'm having dinner with a bunch of friends, and it's going to be fantastic.  I'm crossing my fingers that Norah cooperates for everyone there, and sleeps peacefully.  I actually fully expect for her to wake up when I check on her and want to sleep with me.  Steven is staying home and doing some errands and housework to get ready for the holiday.  Then Sunday we have Thanksgiving at Carol's house, since she'll be away for the holiday.  So a full, busy weekend.  And hopefully a fun one!

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