Monday, November 1, 2010

A Treat!

No tricks yesterday, the whole day was a nice treat!  We spent Saturday with Grampy and Mimi, and headed up to Landon's Baptism.  Hannah got to play with Parker, who she seemed to really adore.  I don't think they'd ever met, which is sad considering Parker is already 3.5!  Even Norah liked him a lot, and what's not to like.  Landon is such a cutie, and my kid could take lessons in sleeping.  I don't think I heard him cry once. 

Then yesterday after we were all awake and ready to go, we headed to Kat's for brunch to celebrate Magi Boo.  She turned three yesterday, and had a blast to celebrate!  there were lots of people, food, and silly girls.   After the party we headed home until after dinner.  Then both girls put on their costumes and went trick or treating.  Norah was done after just a couple houses.  Then I carried her while Hannah did a few more.  Then we came home and did our neighbors.  Hannah went up around the block and did a few more, and Norah came inside with me and put on her jammies.  When it started to snow, they headed home.  Which is good, they have more than enough junk to last them. 

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