Monday, November 29, 2010

Gone again

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it's gone again.  We had a houseful of people on Thursday, just eating and relaxing.  Then Friday the girls were ecstatic to have Amanda and Kayla here to play with them while I was at work.  They all literally played nonstop until about 1:45 when the rest of the troops rolled in.  Sara and Zach took the spotlight for a bit, and we had some happy chaos until Steven came home. 

Steven hurt himself working on Amanda's car Friday night, so a late night trip to the ER was in order, since he couldn't move his shoulder and it was incredibly swollen.  Two hours and an xray later they decided he tore a ligament and sent him home in a sling. 

Saturday made for a nice trip up to see the family and another turkey dinner.  Donny was there with his girlfriend and her two boys.  All the kids played and all the adults chatted and just generally hung out.  It was really nice, and now we're getting geared up for Lynise and Daniel's wedding in January!

Sunday was a sad day for the girls, since everyone had to go home.  Sara and Zach had to leave first, since they have the longest drive.  They got out of here pretty early, and then Steven took Kayla and Amanda home after dinner.  Steven is feeling much better, and I guess aside from the nighttime coughing, we all slept reasonably well.

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