Friday, January 7, 2011


I changed my availability at work recently, so that as of now I have Friday's completely off.  Today was the first, and since we're expecting snow, Norah and I headed out to do our errands early.  It's such a pleasure to take only one child to the store.  Not that either one of them misbehave, but if Hannah's walking, Norah wants to also.  It's harder to direct two of them to walk, and takes longer because Norah has tiny legs.  When it's just us, she's happy to ride in the cart and help put things in or hold them for me.  She also helped me at the Post Office, and was just generally good all around. 

The one thing about me working that's been the hardest, is Norah's potty training.  She decided to train herself the weekend before I went back to work, and it's been really, really hard ever since.  She's been out of underwear for probably two months now.  She just refuses to pee, and while I could understand an accident once in a while, it's hard to understand NEVER getting it in the toilet.  I have finally put her back in her underwear, under the condition that she has to change herself when she has an accident.  She's doing good with that part, and she's arguing less when I have her come with me and go.

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