Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rabbit Rabbit

That was the thing to do on the first of every month.  I have no idea why.  Random enough for you?

We had a very nice New Year's Day.  We took down our christmas decorations, played Monopoly Streets, went out and got the girls their Zhu Zhu junk with their gift card from Meme.  Had dinner at Olive Garden.  Now we're just hanging out with the Discovery Channel on. 

Hannah's getting more used to taking all her myriad of medicines, though one will disappear next week.  She follows up with her doctor on Monday, and I'll keep her out of school until after that, just to be sure it's fine to send her back.  I'm aware she's not contagious anymore, but she also gets exhausted easily.  Don't have to walk very far, and my good eater has taken a break and sent back a girl with a tiny tummy.  I know it's from not eating much all week, but she's not eating fabulously yet.  Maybe next week.

Norah's already started on her list for next Christmas.  In fact today she told me "Mommy, I want a jeep for Christmas"  Yep, let me get right on that.

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My Little Cuties said...

I used to say that the first of every month for the longest time!