Sunday, January 16, 2011


We had planned to have brunch on the day after Christmas, unfortunately Hannah woke up sick and I thought it was better that no one come over.  Which turned out to be the best choice, since she would have been very contagious with Bacterial Pneumonia.  So this weekend the girls went to Meema's for the night, and she drove them back this morning and we had brunch.  The mimosas were plentiful, and there seemed to be more than enough food.  We had a french toast casserole with a praline topping.  The boys who wanted it had ham, and there was plenty of fruit and muffins for everyone.  I think it went over really well.  In fact the ONLY problem with having brunch, is that it's early enough that I no longer have an excuse not to cook dinner.  Usually we have a big meal for lunch and everyone just kind of snacks through dinner.  This didn't happen today, and so the girls had some homemade soup (tomato, Hannah's and my favorite) and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Hannah's looking forward to her day off tomorrow, since they'll be going to play with their friends for the morning while I work.

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