Monday, May 16, 2011

Another First

For Norah anyways.  Over the weekend, Meema wanted to see the girls.  She's been asking for probably a year now if she could keep the girls for two nights, so finally I agreed.  I missed them, and they might have missed me a little.  But they had a fabulous time.  They ate donuts, and freeze pops, watched a movie, and painted.  There's playdoh and toys and Meema.  They love her so much, more than me I think sometimes.

So Friday afternoon I met her halfway and traded for Gary so he could help move Amanda out of her dorm Saturday.  I made risotto primavera for dinner, and it must have been fabulous because there were no leftovers at all.  Saturday I went shopping alone, and found a dress to wear to the wedding in July, and some cute new shoes.  Then we ran a couple errands and had a nice dinner at Olive Garden, courtesy of a lovely giftcard. 

So it was a very nice weekend for everyone.  I'm surprised that I did so well with leaving my kids for longer than I planned.  I did miss them, but not so much I wouldn't do it again!

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