Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happiest Outside

My girls seem to be happiest outside.  Especially if one of us is free to go out with them, but they could stay outside for hours alone, coming in only to use the bathroom or beg for food/drinks.  They spent the majority of this past weekend outside, and clearly it took it's toll on them, because yesterday morning at 7 they finally came out of their room.  Normally they're half finished with breakfast by then, I've packed Hannah's snack, asked about lunch, and gotten their clothes.  Fortunately none of that takes TOO long, so they made it out the door in plenty of time.

Our garden went in over the weekend as well, so they're excited to see our veggies growing and hopeful that it won't be TOO long before they can eat some of them.  I think Hannah is most excited about the sugar snap peas and the green beans.  Norah love cucumbers and peppers, and our peppers finally sprouted, so we'll probably have some by August!

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