Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It was Great!

Christmas was fabulous!  I couldn't have asked for a better day.  The weather cooperated, everyone came, we ate and drank too much... It was just a lot of fun.

Christmas Eve we headed to church with about ninety million other people.  The building was so crammed that there were people standing in the aisles with twenty minutes still to go before Mass started.  It was a nice service, and the girls hand delivered a christmas card to Father Bill on our way out.  Then we headed over to Meme and Grampy's house to have dinner.  Once the girls got their dinner out of the way they headed to the tree for gifts.  They both got adorable pajamas that fit them very well, some new games to keep at Meme's for when they're visiting, and best of all for them, their dolls!  They were so happy and excited to get them, it was fantastic!  Norah carts hers everywhere, and Hannah is almost as bad.  Then it was time to head home and open one gift from us.  Since I knew they were getting the dolls on Christmas Eve, I got them pajamas with a matching set for their dolls.  They were so happy they stripped in the living room and put them right on.  Then it was off to bed.

Christmas morning started around 6:30 with stockings opened.  Then we made breakfast.  Pancakes, potatoes, and bacon filled them up enough to open gifts.  I think their favorites are still the dolls, though everything seems to be getting played with.  Steven liked his gifts, and I can't wait to start cooking out of my new cookbook.  The best gift of all was the card from Sara and Zach telling us that the girls will be expecting a new cousin come June!  About 9:30 Meema came with her entourage, and once Uncle Donny showed up, we got the party started for real!  Drinks and gifts and stockings were passed out to everyone, and I think that everything was a hit.  No one seemed to be disappointed by anything, which is always a sign of a great Christmas.  My favorite gift were my Never Ever Boring salt & pepper shakers that Donny gave me!  They make me smile every time I look at them.

Then it was on to lunch, clean up, and a round of dancing with the Wii.  After all of that, Grampy, Mimi, Nana, and Papa came.  There was lots of chatting, some gift opening, and then more eating.  We had turkey with all the fixings and lots of desserts.  The girls had a fabulous day, and are thoroughly enjoying all their gifts.  I'm still finding room for everything, but slowly we're putting the house back to normal.  The end to their fabulous vacation week includes a weekend spent with Grampy and Mimi at their house, and I get to go out with my husband alone for NYE.  I couldn't have dreamed up nicer holidays.

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