Monday, December 5, 2011


It looks like Christmas in my house!  I don't know what it is, but I adore having the tree up in the corner, lights glowing, treasured ornaments catching my eye.  The girls loved decorating it too.  I trusted them with some of my special glass ornaments, and they did great.  Nothing broken or missing, and it doesn't look entirely like kids decorated it.  Yes there are spots where certain things take over or are too close together, but mostly it looks normal.

I also managed to get pictures for our christmas card.  I'm hoping to get them downloaded and ordered today so I can get them mailed out as soon as I can.  It's hard to believe how big the girls have gotten.  I look at the picture two years ago and it amazes me how little they both look.  I have my string hung up for my cards, and we already have two.  I know it's early still, but I'm hoping that we get enough to fill it up like we did last year.  I save all the photo cards we get so we can look back on them and see how our friends' children have changed also. 

We also had a great weekend, Steven's first full weekend home in ages!  It was great to have him around.  Saturday we put up the tree and decorations, then the girls had a party for Mimi and Iza's birthday.  While they were there doing art and playing Wii Steven and I went and did some shopping for them.  Then it was a picnic dinner at home after Bright Nights.  Yesterday we went down to Ikea to replace my lamp that was broken, and stopped at Sonic on the way home.  The girls were extra fabulous, and enjoyed eating their lunch in the car and watching the carhops skating around with trays and food.

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Janice said...

Where do you hang your string for cards?