Sunday, December 11, 2011


Back in October Meme mentioned to me that she wanted to buy tickets for the girls to go on a Polar Express train ride.  She had found one semi locally, and was all set to get the tickets as soon as I gave the Ok.  As it happens, the tickets went on sale in July, and were completely sold out when we tried to get them.  I remembered there is another place, in Carver that I had been to when I was a kid.  So they have two kinds of rides.  Polar Express, which unfortunately only happen on weeknights, and holiday lights, which conveniently are on weekends!  So we are headed down there in a couple hours.  The girls are SUPER excited, and I have my camera all set and charged, so we should have some fun pictures too.  So we're thinking good thoughts, because Hannah gets carsick very easily, and it's a good two hours in the car each way.

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