Thursday, December 8, 2011


Norah is just terrible with secrets.  She helped me wrap some of Hannah's christmas gifts the other day while she was at school.  Despite me telling her that Christmas gifts are a secret, she told her that she's getting slippers almost as soon as we picked her up at school.  Fortunately I think that's all she remembers.  And neither of them appear to remember the things that I bought for them when they were with me.  I think this is the last year I'll be able to get away with that.  Hannah is smart, much too smart.  She confessed earlier this year that she doesn't believe in the tooth fairy anymore, because she knows that I'm the one who takes her teeth and leaves the money.  She also appears to believe that Santa isn't a real person, just a bunch of different people dressed up the same.  Since we don't do Santa, it's not a huge deal... but I really don't want her to spoil it for any of her friends.  I don't want my kid to be the one that spoils it for the other kids. 

And for anyone who might not have gotten the email, there are new pictures on the shutterfly site.  More to come eventually of course.  My main photo computer is having a meltdown, so I'm hoping it makes it past Christmas.

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