Thursday, April 12, 2012


You can tell they're ready for spring.  Hannah rides her bike now without training wheels, and it never fails, if the weather is even moderately nice she's outside riding it in the backyard.  I wish we had a bit more room so she could really get going, but she's doing really well!  Even Norah can pedal her bike now, where she couldn't before.  I'm eagerly anticipating the end of school for me so we can do more things more often.

Hannah's starting baseball/softball/whatever you call it with seven year olds.  Practice was cancelled this week due to cold and wind on Monday, but her first practice will be this coming Monday.  She's excited, and I love that she wants to play a team sport.  I think it holds a lot of value to learn to play on a team, listen to a coach, win as a group, or lose as a group.  I'm not a sports kind of person, so I'd love if she was more into it than I am.  I'm not sedentary, but I don't enjoy running around like a lunatic.  Fortunately, she's seven, so lunacy is her specialty.

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