Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Apparently Hannah's playing softball, but then according to her coach it's a team for 8, 9, and 10 year olds, so all the girls who are 7 may not get to play.  Not so much a rules thing, but her coach is worried someone will get hurt.  So they had practice last week, and it didn't go too badly.  Besides it being a gazillion degrees out, they all had a good time.  They practiced catching and throwing, then Coach Shannon pitched to them so they could practice hitting.  They all got a hit, and Hannah was the only one who could hit on the first pitch.  I've always thought she had an eye for it, but I guess some more practice will really show what's what.

I threw the ball with her in the backyard the other day, and she's not too bad at throwing it where she wants it to go, as long as she pays attention.  Catching is another story, but again, practice is all she needs.  I will say that I was surprised how quick it all comes back.  I had no problems catching or throwing.  Too bad my good glove has disappeared in the moves and kids that happened post marriage.

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