Friday, April 27, 2012


Wednesday after school Hannah's school had a "graduation" for the first graders who have been taking taekwondo as part of their gym class.  They have an association with a local place who comes to the school to teach the kids.  She's been telling me about it sporadically, but nothing much other than that some of the kids got to break boards during class, but it hadn't been her turn yet.  Then they announced the graduation, and she was desperate to go because they said everyone would get to break a board.  So despite having a doctors appointment right before it started, we managed to get there on time.  It was very impressive to watch all the kids be so attentive and follow directions.  They were all so enthusiastic.  The owner talked first and said how they had ordered boards and were supposed to get half inch children's boards, but instead they were sent full inch adult boards, but not to worry they'd all do fine.  Fine they did, every kid broke their board.  Hannah was very excited to have broken it, and now she's insisting she wants to take taekwondo regularly.  We're looking into that, as I refuse to let her do more than one sport at a time, so it would have to wait until after softball is done.

Here is the video of Hannah breaking the board, sorry it's twisted, but I forget to hold my phone the right way and I can't always rotate it.

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