Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lover and Fighter

Man, no one warns you about those second children.  I love her to death, she's funny and fabulous.  Quirky and sweet.  She's snuggly and loveable... most of what comes out of her mouth following "Mommy" is "I Love you!"  She picks at her sister and Magi (who might as well be her sister) and intentionally pisses them off.  She thinks because she's little and cute, punishment will be minimal.  Instigating trouble isn't good no matter who you are, so she sits on her own to think about what she should do or say, and the tears flow.  I should have named her Norah Trouble, instead of Norah Anne.  Something about 4.... I remember it wasn't all roses with Hannah either.


Kat said...

This just made me laugh out loud, they are funny creatures those four year olds! Love them both like crazy even when they make us want to drive to Mexico!

Janice said...

Four has been rough here. I've been looking forward to five... It's getting better as we get closer to it. Still love her like crazy of course!