Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It's great for the grass, but man it's awful for playing outside.  It's rained just about every weekday for something like three weeks now.  Norah's annoyed that on my days off we can't go outside, and softball practice was cancelled yet again.  They need the practice, but what can you do.

Fortunately Mother's Day weekend was insanely gorgeous.  The girls spent the weekend with Meema, hanging out there and being spoiled in general.  After my final and some boring house related things Saturday, Steven and I headed into Boston.  Mostly to just walk around and be together, and that's exactly what we did.  Takeout on the way home and watching tv capped off a peaceful day.  Sunday it was up to me to pick up the monkeys from Meema, and she was nice enough to make us dinner also. 

Hannah is really taking to taekwondo.  There is a belt test next Friday, I'll be interested to see if they think she'll be ready to test for her yellow belt then.  She's working really hard.  She knows the ten basic movements, and eight more for something else.  She knows her stance, her breaking, and how to count to ten in Korean.  She's a smart cookie that one.  I'm proud of her.

Norah has been somewhat less than herself.  I'm not sure if it's the cold that made us all pretty miserable last week or what.  She's been falling asleep, which isn't like her... and getting up much too early, which just perpetuates the cycle.  Hopefully it's just four year old randomness.

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