Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When are we....

Going to see Sara and Zach?  Having pancakes for dinner?  Having a sleepover at Kat's?  Going to leave for the park?  Seeing Grampy and Mimi? 

Fun things are hard to wait for, and since the unofficial start of summer is this weekend, I think we'll be having more fun things to wait for than usual.  We're on vacation in August, and we'll be going to visit Sara, Zach, and Baby Carlee.  We can't go see Grampy and Mimi as often as we'd like, but that has something to do with a certain someone's softball game schedule.

Friday night Hannah is being tested for her yellow belt in taekwondo.  She's excited, but she knows everything she needs to.  They told her at class last night she was ready to be tested.  I'll be sure to have my camera and phone ready for a video.  She's really looking forward to it, and it's fun for me to watch her learn.  She busts out with 1 to 10 in korean regularly, and she can kick shockingly high for someone small.

Norah has a dentists appointment today.  She's not bothered by it in the least, in fact she's been asking all morning when we're going to leave.  Hopefully she's taken great care of her teeth and no more cavities are present.  I don't know why she had two last time... she brushes twice a day, and doesn't eat junk or drink juice.  They said some kids are just prone to it and have soft teeth.  So I'm crossing my fingers that everything looks good. 

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