Monday, May 7, 2012


Things are going to be a bit chaotic coming up, so what's going on in our house is basically this:  Hannah loves taekwondo, and she'll be testing for her yellow belt soon.  She's learning fast, and everyone is impressed with her.  Norah is being screened for preschool this week, and hopefully will have a spot for this fall, since next year she'll be a Kindergartener.  This is my last week of school, and I'm very much looking forward to having the summer to relax.  Next semester I'm taking English and Math to continue my effort to get the less fun stuff out of the way first.

Hannah and I are both a bit under the weather, she's got the characteristic cough, and my throat is killing me.  Hopefully we can both kick it so we can enjoy Mother's Day weekend coming up.

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