Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So our day didn't exactly go as planned, but the girls had a great time anyways.  We managed to leave the house around 8am, and got to the beach around 10.  It was cloudy, but so far, just cloudy.  I can do cloudy at the beach, less worry about too much heat and sun.  Not too long after we set up, it started to rain.  Basically a heavy sprinkle, but enough that I covered the camera and the phones to be on the safe side.  The girls went in the water, Hannah all the way in, courtesy of a rogue wave.  They had a blast, ate a picnic lunch, and played in the sand.  The rain kept coming back, though.  So we made the executive decision to head to Grampy's house early.   They had almost as much fun there as they did at the beach.  They're already asking when we're going back.  I may need to suck it up and take them one Sunday when it's just me.

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