Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

It's been so hot this year, I think we've had the AC more on than off.  I don't mind summer, and I try not to complain about the heat because I do more than my share of complaining about the cold and winter.  The girls have a hard time playing outside for more than a few minutes when it's this hot and sticky, so they spend a lot of time inside playing.

Saturday we weren't able to go visit our friends in NJ, so instead I took them to Forest Park, and they played at the playground and got to go in the splash park.  Sunday they had a birthday pool party, and then we had a cook out at one of Steven's work friends house with a bunch of the families and their kids.  Monday we crashed Maria's pool, and both of the girls can "swim" with their floaties on.  Tuesday Meme took Amanda and I out for a birthday lunch with the girls, and then they had a sleepover at her house after tae kwon do. 

Norah is ready to test at tae kwon do, she's all set to get a yellow belt, and Hannah's moving right along, learning all her orange belt requirements in typical fashion for her.

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