Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frustrated and Angry

Hannah had a GI appointment 6 weeks ago. I commented to him that she wasn't eating well, was refusing, and when I COULD get her to eat, it was much less than normal. He said it wasn't anything to worry about because she was still gaining and healthy. Well here we are six weeks later, and not only is she gaining less than she should be for her age, but apparently NOW it's an issue, not six weeks ago when I thought it was worrisome. And to top it off, not only do I have to worry because the GI is worried. Now I get informed by the apparently UNinformed WIC lady that I should be feeding her solid food. Um, no kidding. Except she won't eat when I feed her, only when she can feed herself. Which doesn't appear to be a problem. She can pick up small pieces of things and put them in her mouth. Problem solved. Except not according to this lady. Norah supposedly lost 25% of her curve, and when she starts walking will lose more. Except she's BARELY crawling, so I don't see walking happening in the next, oh, Month. And she is taking the weight I gave her from the GI, which was NAKED. WIC never weighs naked, so you can't tell me that fully dressed with a cloth diaper on she wouldn't have weighed close to a pound more, which might have shut her up. I should have just let her weigh Norah so I didn't have to let her make me feel like I'm a loser mom. I'm not a loser and I refuse to give her any more bad food associations by force feeding her. But you know what, the WIC lady thinks I should anyways. I don't get it.

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