Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok, so I haven't said anything here because I was paranoid, but I think that enough time has passed it's really a non issue anymore. Some of you already know, but Hannah is a big girl. She sleeps with a teddy bear but No Binky! This was monumental as it was something that just the mention of not having it would send her into fits. She has apparently settled down about it, and last Friday (Feb 6) she slept her first night without. Saturday we made a trip to Build a Bear where she placed her binky inside a bear of her choice (complete with trashy Fredrick's looking PJ's) and then on Sunday she received her last prize, a Fish Tank, complete with Fish!

It's just wonderful to know that she did it, and with no fussing or crying at all. According to her Dentist she has an overbite, caused from sucking her binky, so we ditched it asap since I was told it could self correct if she stopped right away. Obviously it's only been 10 days, so who knows if it actually will. I'm thrilled that Norah doesn't have that issue. Apparently I've been told that her issue is that she's clingy, specifically because I put her in a sling. I won't say who would say something like that to me, but I know it's someone who reads now and again, so I'll put this out there:

Putting her in a sling doesn't MAKE her clingy, it makes my life easier when she IS clingy. I do not put her in for entire days, never letting her out to do her own willful 11 month old thing. She is on the floor playing an amazing part of the day for someone her age. I don't put her in a sling to fulfill some weird fantasy that I'm cool, or it will make her love me more, or that she'll stay little forever. I put her in a sling because it means I get dinner done, I get to read to Hannah, I can fold laundry, I can wash dishes, I can EAT without having my food taken. I put her in a sling to satisfy her need to be held AND accomplish all I can being a Stay at Home Mom. If that's wrong, then lock me up, plain and simple.

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