Thursday, February 19, 2009


Poor Norah, she's so very unhappy with getting her teeth in. Her nose is running constantly, she doesn't want to eat, she wants to be carried nearly nonstop and only by me. It makes me so sad that she has so much pain. It seems really unfair that kids that little have to try to deal with so much pain. She's currently working on 3. It was 5, but two of them are far enough through I can't see that they're causing her pain. The problem is, two of them are molars, and of course the flat part is just nightmarish.

I guess the good news on the horizon is that I have hope she won't be on bottles forever. She's bad at tipping sippy cups, so I gave her a straw cup, and she loves it. She drinks milk and water out of them like nobody's business. So as soon as she eats better/more and drinks regularly I think we'll start cutting out/back bottles!

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