Friday, February 13, 2009

Under the Weather

I managed to catch the cold the girls passed around, so I was feeling like death all of the weekend and beginning of this week. The good news is that I'm finally feeling better, though the lingering cough is of course, still lingering.

Today is Hannah's Valentine's Day Party at school, so yesterday we sat down with scissors, paper, crayons and the like and made 12 valentines for all her little friends. She sat on my lap and wrote their names on each one (with very little help) and then signed her own name.

Then this morning I made the cookies I promised to bring for her party. Cream Cheese with pretty, festive hearts in all the appropriate colors decorating the top. They're really nice looking, though more importantly they're nice tasting. I love me some cream cheese cookies. They're one of my favorites, but I despise rolling dough, so I don't make them as often as I'd like.

I'll be attending the party this afternoon, so I'll take my camera and hopefully get some pictures of all the kids in action.

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Lisa M said...

I've never had a cream cheese cookie. I'm piqued now! I'll have to make some. :)