Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

We had a pretty quiet, mellow Valentines day. Hannah woke up MUCH too early, and when I finally deigned to go in and see what her deal was, she yelled "It's SATURDAY, Meema is coming to get me" Yep, too bad it's not for 4 hours. So she was very happy to see Meema, which is always nice and makes her day. Then we packed up Norah and headed out to do some shopping. She was very sweet and relaxed, so unlike what Hannah was at this age. We spent the whole afternoon out picking up birthday gifts for parties, and discussing what to get the girls for their birthdays. Then we had Panera for dinner, which was yummy as always. Norah spent the entire time trying to figure out how to get people's attention and smile and wave at them. It was adorable of course.

Then yesterday we went to pick up Hannah and then stopped at Meme's to drop off her garage remote from checking on the place while she was on vacation. Hannah was thrilled to see Meme again, and was even more thrilled that she will come get her for an afternoon this week while it's vacation.

And Sara is coming down tomorrow as far as I know, which will be nice because the girls both seem to think she's a pretty special Auntie.

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