Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ahhhh peace and quiet

So yesterday Kat dropped her wonderful girlies off on her way to work. So they all had lunch and were well behaved, if loud. They played outside and the little girlies tried to nap for a while. Norah succeeded, Magi, not so much. So Kat said to me that she would take Hannah home with her and bring her back later. So I miraculously went from having 5 crazy girls to only 1. And wow, even for her being one of the loudest, it was quiet. She played, she snacked, she ate dinner. It was lovely. Putting yourself out certainly reaps it's rewards. I never mind watching her girls. They're so good for me, and hey, when she picks them up the adult conversation is nice too.

Also, an update on the house front. We are NOT buying a new house. We decided that the new mortgage would be doable, but probably too much, and we don't want to get into that situation. So we're refinancing our current loan and staying here. Possibly with our taxes next year we'll do some remodeling to make this house more our own. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Last night Steven started pulling down the hideous paneling in our living room. One of the big projects he and I have always talked about would be removing that because it's ugly and because we don't like it. Also of course because it makes the room look even smaller than it really is. And shockingly enough, there is nothing but drywall underneath, so it may be ridiculously easy for us to do that part ourselves!

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kjlapi said...

I will give you as much peace and quiet as I can ;)
Thank you times a million!!!