Monday, May 18, 2009


So last Monday Steven decided he wanted to see just exactly what was under the paneling in our living room. And when it was determined that the walls underneath were not entirely wrecked, he started pulling it all down as quickly as he could. Then comes the filling in of all the nail holes and other assorted holes. A tedious job, but nowhere near as messy or as loud as physically ripping the paneling off the wall. Then comes Sunday morning. Hannah wakes up coughing. Completely unable to stop coughing, she just coughs every two seconds ALL day, no matter what medicine she has (robitussin, vapor rub, pulmicort, albuterol) and nothing makes a speck of difference. She is miserable, and in turn is making me crazy even though I know she can't help it. So what does Steven decide it's time to do? SAND. Apparently her being unable to stop coughing means he should cover everything sitting still in a fine layer of dust, and then be pissed off when I'M pissed off.

So yeah, for the record, there is a reason I wanted Craig to do all of this, and not Steven. And no the reason is not because Steven won't do a good job.

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My Little Cuties said...

He really isn't thinking of the effects of dust in a house with sick child, is he?